Where to do it: Suspension Bridge over Clyde south of Glasgow Green

How to do it: Check water level and exit zones. If possible take a good long look at the belly of the bridge. Consider what you are about to do and decide not to do it. If the last instruction is ignored, pick a girder, work out your route. Decide how you will get to the girder and how you will climb up from the girder. Next, walk on to the bridge, climb over the side, and make your way upside down on a girder across the width of the bridge, completing the likely overhang and climbing back over the other side onto the opposite side of the bridge.

Care: Are you strong enough? Can you swim? You can get hypothermia after 3 minutes in cold water. Avoid needles, rats and pigeon excrement. Now wash your hands- in the fountain in middle of Glasgow Green.

Equipment: None

Hazards/risks: Scratching yourself, falling off, falling into the water, hypothermia, death

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 10